About Us

To give you the leading hosting solutions, we need to possess a solid platform to build upon. This is why, we’ve confirmed long–term relations to some of the best Datacenters in the world, spread over several different continents.

In each of the aforementioned Datacenters we have now launched our specialized web hosting system and also a specialized internal network, engineered exclusively to complement Altcoin VPS’s increased criteria and needs. We have got likewise designed an extraordinary server monitoring and notification system to help keep an eye on all the active hosting servers.

Our Datacenters

Your current website’s loading speed is to a great extent determined by the exact coordinates of the Datacenter. For this reason, Altcoin VPS is pleased to give you a number of Datacenters around the globe, to enable you to pick the one that is nearest to your target customers.We offer you several Datacenters to decide on:

  • the data center in the US in Chicago – consider it if you are likely to target customers from the United States, Canada and Latin America;
  • the data center in the UK in London – use it if you are going to focus on visitors site visitors Great Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa;
  • the data center in FI in Pori – our Finnish data center is a good alternative in order to engage audiences in Northern and Central Europe or in Russia.
  • the data center in East Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria – select it if you’ll focus on site visitors who reside in Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.
  • the data center in AU in Sydney – pick it if you’ll target site visitors who reside in Australia, Oceania and Asia.
  • the data center in Moscow, Russia - provides one of the cheapest VPS solutions.
  • the data centers in France and Canada - optimal value for money.  

Everything functions with a very much modernized version of SELinux (Security–Enhanced Linux), which is essentially, the most reliable, if not the most secure Operating System these days. And we have selected a group of reliable hardware components that do not break that easily. This is exactly what allows us to guarantee you a 99.9% uptime for all of your websites.

Our web hosting system will in addition ensure that you get a super quick connection to everyone online. All servers are hosted in top–category datacenters found in various parts of the globe, and in every single datacenter we have assembled a customized internal network. Built with quality hardware from Juniper, the network allows a speedy connection to everyone online. Plus, it allows us to warranty a 99.9% network uptime with all our web hosting services in each of the datacenters.